Enrollment for the Fall 2023 Session is open and we're accepting Students from all over Caifornia!

Live Virtual meetings are on October 7, October 21, November 4, November 18, December 2, and December 16, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Two additional 4-hour hands-on workshops will be scheduled, ensuring every student can attend at least one

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I will forever be grateful for your patience and your willingness to give your students all the knowledge you have acquired in the field of birth support. My classmates have made a huge impact on me and on my completion of the training...I'm so glad that becoming a doula is part of the reason for me to keep going!

— Desola Amos, Session of April 2020

Program Overview

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, our contact hours have been offered using the Zoom platform. The transition has been a great success! The program became more in-depth, and...we can now train more far-away residing students who are intested in our excellent training. One of the perks of the transition is the replays! If you miss any of the Live Meetings - No worries; the meetings are recorded, and it's easier than ever to make up a class. The meetings are accompanied by outstanding PowerPoint presentations. Zoom rooms allow our students to brainstorm and build a supportive community.

Our comprehensive training program relies on:
* 15 recorded online classes
* Six Live sessions using Zoom, lasting 3 hours each (Total of 18 hours)
* Two 4-hour workshops to allow students to practice labor support tools and comfort measures
* Practical experience supporting the midwives' patients in L&D (2 births minimum)
* Ongoing monthly group sessions to support past students for life. You do not have to do it all alone!

Program Details

 Online Classes

Upon registration, we will grant you access to our membership website for a period of 6 months (An additional two months extension is granted for no cost). The 15 classes are audiovisual presentations covering different topics. Here is the full class list: (For classes full description, click HERE

  • Introduction: fear, pain, and the medicalization of birth
  • Physiology and anatomy of childbirth
  • Prenatal care and possible complications 
  • Stages and phases of labor 
  • The early phase of labor 
  • The active phases of labor 
  • The transition phase of labor
  • The second stage of birth 
  • Common medical interventions in labor 1 
  • Common medical interventions in labor 2
  • Relationships in labor and delivery 
  • The baby in birth and throughout the postnatal period 
  • The mother in the postpartum period
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • Establishing the birth doula practice

 Live Meetings

Six live group meetings are held on Zoom, lasting 3 hours each. If you missed a class, you can always watch the replay! In addition to the 6 group virtual sessions, we lead two 4-hrs in-person workshops, allowing our students to practice labor support tools and comfort measures and receive feedback.

  • Creating a strong community using Zoom breakout rooms.
  • Matching students as backup doulas
  • Allocating time to Q & A at the beginning of every session
  • Modeling for our students how to provide virtual birth support.
  • Invite more distinguished guest speakers. 
  • Expanding on the topics learned online
  • Modeling verbal coaching strategies.
  • Brainstorming and analyzing case studies
  • Receiving feedback and building confidence 


Bay Area Doula Training is proud to be the only program providing our doula students with practical experience supporting birth givers as doulas-in-training in a welcoming environment..

Our program is affiliated with Bay Area Maternity and Women Health (BAM), led by midwife Lin Lee. Practical hours will occur at El-Camino Los Gatos L&D, where the nurses LOVE working with our students. To be matched with the midwives' patients' you must attend the Midwives' Tea event held on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

For students residing on the outskirts of the Bay Area, we established affiliations with more Bay Area providers who will match you with their patients.

You'll get support in creating your flyer to share with the affiliates when you're ready to attend births. Your trainer will guide you throughout your practical experience, and you'll receive feedback from your no-cost clients, nurses, midwives, and trainer.

Students Reviews

I am so happy and blessed to have found this program! The program is extensive and you will learn a lot. The hands on training made me feel more confident going into the line of work. Neri and Stephanie makes it easy to set you up to succeed. The online community for BCM provides resources and virtual meetings to help navigate you on your journey starting out.

Shabriese Davis, April 2021

The Bay Area Doula Training is a local program offered by Birth Coach Method, birth pros certifying organization leading a cultural change in maternal care. We teach our students to establish partnerships with future clients and medical teams. Our graduates practice birth support that brings clients' beliefs, values, and vision for their birth to the fore. Our philosophy is that there is no ideal birth but the experience your clients desire! As a result, our students are knowledgeable, sensitive, and equipped with a wide variety of labor support techniques. Read my Blog to learn more about Birth Coach Method's philosophy.

Certification Requirements

**You have 1-year from registration to complete the certification requirements

  • Complete all 15 audiovisual classes and fill in the studying materials attached to each class. 
  • Complete the workshop’s reading list and study through the program’s resource guide. 
  • Actively participate in group meetings. 
  • Attend 25 hours (or 2 births) supporting birthing clients at the hospital. 
  • Submit 2 supervision reports of two births you have attended as a doula-in-training.
  • Pass the final exam - the exam consists of a case study and a terminology quiz.


How much does the training cost?

Click any "Register Here" button to see the current tuition.

Are there payment plans?

Yes, click the "Register Here" button to find the payment plan options on the product page.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! Upon completing the certification requirements, you'll receive a printable certificate.

Who is the certifying organization?

You'll be certified by Birth Coach Method. We are an approved continuing education provider by the CA Board of Registered Nursing.

How long does it take to complete the program and earn the certificate?

Most of our students earn their certificate within one year of registration. However, some students received their certificates within seven months.

How will I find the clients I'm required to support to earn my certificate?

We have established affiliations with providers across the Bay Area who will help match you up with their patients as soon as you are ready.

Will I learn how to establish my practice?

Yes, we provide comprehensive info to help you launch your practice. This info includes licensees, liability insurance, advertising channels, forms, etc.

What if I missed a live Zoom meeting?

We record all the live Zoom meetings. The replays are uploaded on the membership website and remain available until two weeks after the cohort ends.

Where do I find the recorded online classes?

The 15 online classes are hosted on the membership website at, where we host all our online programs. We will email you the instructions to create your username and password after your registration.

Why can't I access the online classes after I create my username and password on the membership site?

There are two optional reasons: You didn't email us your signed student contract, or it hasn't been 48 hours since you created it. If it is more than 48 hours, please notify us by email.

How do I take my final exam?

When you are ready, email the instructors to schedule the day and time (about 2.5 hrs.) Once the time slot has been confirmed, the exam will be emailed to you at the agreed time.

How do I enroll clients after graduation?

We make sure to train you with client enrollment strategies and to introduce social media platforms.

Are there hiring positions for doulas?

Most doulas are independent and self-employed. Doulas need freedom to advocate for their clients' visions. However, in recent years some doula agencies have been established and they match you up with potential clients.

Hello, I'm Your Trainer

Over the past 23 years, I have been blessed to support and teach many expectant people and to direct two birth resource centers. I published the audio-visual guide Practicing for an Active Birth, an Amazon Choice product, and the printed guide The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, a practical guide for birth professionals. I am the founder of Birth Coach Method, an approved continuing education provider by the California BRN. I lead nurses' workshops with the goal of improving patient-centered maternal care. It is my hope to build the bridge between doulas and L&D medical teams. 

I'm a mother to three amazing girls and happily married to a juggler who turned into a software engineer. We relocated to the SF Bay Area in 2001. I love spending time with my family and our sweet Goldendoodle, Punk, at the beach. My preferred vacation would be to explore a new city I've never been to before. I am practicing yoga and meditation regularly, I consider labor support tools to be my life support tools. Once a week I visit the art studio for a mixed media class.

Education and Affiliation

  • Birth Coach Method founder
  • Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Training, Israel , 1997 
  • Group Leadership, Ministry of Education Israel,1996
  • Hypnotherapy at HTI, Marin County California, 2003 
  • Transformational Life Coaching, Sophia Univ. Palo Alto, 2005 
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully, 2009
  • NLP with Dr. Matt and The Empowerment Partnership , 2019
  • Blossom Birth Palo Alto  2002- 2010
  • Bay Area Maternity since 2007
  • BA in Film and Television, Tel-Aviv University, 1990
  • MA in Cognitive Science from Tel-Aviv University , 1995
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