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I will forever be grateful for your patience and your willingness to give your students all the knowledge you have acquired in the field of birth support. My classmates have made a huge impact on me and on my completion of the training...I'm so glad that becoming a doula is part of the reason for me to keep going!

— Desola Amos, Session of April 2020

The Fall 2021 Session's Live Meetings Begin in October

Zoom meetings Dates are:

October 9, Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Nov. 20, Dec. 4, and Dec. 18 between 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

2 hands-on meetings to practice labor support techniques will be scheduled during the session

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Our Program and Services During COVID-19

We have continued to lead the training during COVID-19, using the Zoom platform for the contact hours.
The sessions turned out to be successful! We provide contact hours through six Zoom group sessions, lasting 3 hours each. Two practical meetings of 4 hours each will be scheduled during the session in order to allow the students to practice labor support tools.
Additionally, our program uniquely teaches you a set of verbal coaching strategies with which you can provide a series of prenatal sessions.

Aspiring doulas may be led to believe that the current restrictions on doulas' presence in hospitals make the doula service impossible to provide. This notion is understandable due to the emphasis put for many years on doulas' continuous presence and support during childbirth. However, it couldn't be farther from the truth!
Doulas are 'emotional first responders', trained to support those who are in fear, doubt, and pain. Being pregnant and preparing
for birth during COVID-19 can be even more overwhelming than it is in peaceful times.
The World Needs Doulas!

Full house: doula students and BAM midwives came together on Zoom


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Positive Experiences Created by Positive Mindsets

Bay Area Doula Training is leading a cultural change in maternal care. We teach birth professionals to integrate the coaching principles, tools, and strategies, practiced by coaches in various fields, into the field of childbirth support. Our graduates practice with respect to their clients' beliefs, values and vision for their birth. Our philosophy is that there is no ideal birth other than the birth experience your clients desire! Our students are knowledgeable, sensitive, and equipped with a wealth of labor support techniques in addition to the coaching strategies. Read my Blog to learn more about my philosophy



 Online Classes

Upon registration, we will grant you access to our membership website for a period of 6 months (Additional 2 months extension is granted for no cost). The 15 classes are audiovisual presentations covering different topics. Here is the full class list: (For classes full description click HERE

  • Prenatal care and possible complications 
  • Stages and Phases of labor 
  • The Early phase of labor 
  • The Active phases of labor 
  • Transition phase of labor
  • The second stage of birth 
  • Common medical interventions in labor 1 
  • Common medical interventions in labor 2
  • Fear, pain and the medicalization of birth
  • Relationships in labor and delivery 
  • The baby in birth and throughout the postnatal period 
  • The mother in the postpartum period Breastfeeding basics
  • Establishing the birth coach practice

 Group Meetings

Our welcoming classroom is located at Verde Touch Spa in Los Altos. The program includes 5 Saturday group meetings lasting five hours each, from 11:45 am to 5:00 pm. (25 contact hours total). Sessions take place on Saturdays. During these group sessions, you can expect to:

  • Create a strong community of backup doulas and colleagues
  • Begin every session with Q & A, covering the 3 online classes you studied in preparation for the session
  • Learn and practice labor support tools and comfort measures
  • Learn from our distinguished guest speakers. 
  • Expand on the topics learned online
  • Learn additional coaching strategies.
  • Engage in dynamic exercises.
  • Brainstorm and analyze case studies
  • Watch educational videos
  • Receive feedback and build confidence 


Practical Hours

Bay Area Doula Training is proud to be the only program providing doula students with the opportunity to receive practical hours, working side by side with midwives and nurses. 

In order to provide this opportunity for our students, and in order to achieve the highest level of education, we established collaboration with Bay Area Maternity (BAM) practice, led by midwife Lin Lee. Practical hours will take place at El-Camino Los Gatos L&D, where the nurses LOVE working with our students. 

Our students are invited to attend the Tea with The midwives monthly event, and an additional special monthly meeting with BAM expectant patients who are interested in doula-in-training support, The monthly meetings are held on the third and last Sundays of the month. Students who reside on the outskirts of the Bay Area will get our full support to find their first no-cost clients for their practical hours. 

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  • Complete all 15 audiovisual classes and fill in the studying materials attached to each class. 
  • Complete the workshop’s reading list and study through the program’s resource guide. 
  • Actively participate in group meetings. 
  • Attend 25 hours (or 2 births) supporting birthing clients at the hospital. 
  • Submit 2 supervision reports of two births you have attended as a doula-in-training.
  • Pass the final exam - the exam consists of a case study and a terminology quiz.

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I’m Neri Life-Choma

Neri Life-Choma, MA, is a mother, veteran childbirth educator, birth doula, and doula trainer, and the founder of Birth Coach Method- CEP by the California Board of Registered Nursing since 2017. For the last 22 years, Life-Choma has worked with individuals and couples as they prepared for the transformation of giving birth and becoming parents. During these years Life-Choma directed and managed the programs of two birth resource centers- Mama Center in Tel-Aviv Israel, and Blossom Birth in Palo Alto, CA with great results in the community reach out and creating change in maternal care. Her work with parents has been enriched by continuing her education and becoming a transformational life coach, hypnotherapist, and NLP practitioner. Life-Choma integrates principles and strategies of all these modalities of care into birth support in her book The Art of Coaching for Childbirth, which has been sold on Amazon with rave reviews. For more, visit

Learning and Community

  • BA in Film and Television, Tel-Aviv University
  • MA in Cognitive Science from Tel-Aviv University 
  • Birth Doula and Childbirth Education Training, Jerusalem Israel  
  • Group Leadership, Ministry of Education Israel Hypnotherapy at HTI, Marin County California 
  • Transformational Life Coaching, Sophia Univ. Palo Alto 
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully
  • NLP with Dr. Matt and The Empowerment Partnership 
  • Blossom Birth Palo Alto  
  • Bay Area Maternity
  • Birth Coach Method


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